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Éric Bischoff at
Wed Apr 6 11:31:53 BST 2022

Le mercredi 6 avril 2022, 10:42:59 CEST Aron Szakacs a écrit :
> Swiss German is a more broad label, but would work as well. Bernese is a
> specific dialect of Swiss German, and would thus be easier to write down
> (as the rules would be clearer).
> I didn't know about the language codes. Unfortunately, I don't know of
> any other software project which has these translations, the closest
> that comes to mind is the "alemannic" Wikipedia, which is also written
> in a broad variety and mixture of dialects (including Bernese):
> I'm sorry if this isn't of much help. There is a fair amount of Bernese
> literature, and about a million speakers of the dialect, but probably
> very little to no presence in technology at all.

Using the "allemanic" umbrella (like Wikipedia does) always seemed strange to 
me, as it encompasses Alsacian (France), Badisch and Schwabisch (Germany), 
Voralberg (Austria), "Swiss German", and others, which are rather different 
dialects, so in practice you can only write in one variant of these dialects.

Éric Bischoff

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