Translate KDE to Bernese German

Aron Szakacs aron at
Wed Apr 6 09:42:59 BST 2022

Swiss German is a more broad label, but would work as well. Bernese is a 
specific dialect of Swiss German, and would thus be easier to write down 
(as the rules would be clearer).

I didn't know about the language codes. Unfortunately, I don't know of 
any other software project which has these translations, the closest 
that comes to mind is the "alemannic" Wikipedia, which is also written 
in a broad variety and mixture of dialects (including Bernese):

I'm sorry if this isn't of much help. There is a fair amount of Bernese 
literature, and about a million speakers of the dialect, but probably 
very little to no presence in technology at all.

On 4/6/22 01:08, Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> El dimarts, 5 d’abril de 2022, a les 23:32:09 (CEST), Aron Szakacs va escriure:
>> Dear translators and documenters,
>> I would like to start translating KDE to Bernese German. I presume that
>> there is no ongoing effort to do so, and in that case I would like to
>> create a new language team for Bernese German on the language team page.
>> I would be very happy if someone could help me set that up.
> That's not going to be that easy, one of the important things when translating to a language is having a language code.
> As far as I can see Bernese German doesn't have any language code, the closest (please accept my apologies if i'm saying something stupid here) I can find is gsw for Swiss German, which would also still be problematic because there doesn't seem to be a gsw locale in glibc.
> Do you know of any other project that has translations to Bernese German (or Swiss German if it's at all "similar"?).
> Cheers,
>    Albert
>> Kind regards,
>> Aron

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