Request to join translation team for localization of user interface to Vietnamese

Hoang Tran hoangduytran1960 at
Mon Oct 18 08:31:02 BST 2021

Dear Admin,

My name is Hoang Duy Tran, and I would like to request submit rights to the KDE translation source. I have downloaded the source from here:

svn co svn://

And had registered as a mailing list user. This is my first time interacting with KDE in this manner and hence I have yet to learn the procedure to become a submitter / developer with KDE and so I would love to hear more about how to becoming one myself, if you would instruct me, that would be very kind of you. The reason being is that I had been creating Krita tutorial videos on Youtube to help artist friends of mine in Vietnam who requested for those, and a recent message from viewers in Vietnam indicating the need to change the interface into Vietnamese. I had subsequently	downloaded the latest stable version (4.4.8) and examined the translation works to Vietnamese, and was discovered a disappointed progress on this front. There was hardly any improvement that worth a notice, so I decided to download the svn source to find out how extensive is the actual changes in the PO files. Currently most of the translations were shadowed by the ‘#, fuzzy’ markers, leading to software showing English default, so I decided to make this effort to join the Vietnamese translation team to contribute my little part in this front, though I’m doing translation for Blender at the moment.

Please send me instructions of how to become a submitter for the svn repository.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Hoang D. Tran
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