Calligra - new stable branch

Luigi Toscano luigi.toscano at
Sat Nov 20 15:15:32 GMT 2021

Pierre ha scritto:
> Hi translation teams
> After quite a long time, there is a new stable branch in Calligra: 3.3 (git 
> branch calligra/3.3, obviously).
> This is mostly a bug fixing/code cleanup release. Not much has changed from 
> 3.2, there should be almost no translation needs.
> Since it's the first time for me managing a release, I don't know what you need 
> from me other than this information. If you need anything from me to help with 
> the translation process for this new release, send me an email and I'll answer 
> as soon as possible.

Thanks for the notification. For reference, the stable branch needs to be
updated in sysadmin/repo-metadata.git:

Then we need to mirror this internally, but this is up to us.

Note for translators: from a quick check on the strings, as Pierre pointed
out, I don't seem to see changes in the translations, so I'm not going to copy
trunk translation to stable this time.


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