String freeze for GCompris release 2.0

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Sat Nov 20 08:23:00 GMT 2021

we just made a new beta version which fixes bugs contributors reported.
Thanks to all of you that either help finding the bugs or contributing on
the translations:
* QmlModels was missing on the package and QtXml and QtXmlPatterns were not
* Fix multiple simultaneous wins by zooming in/out on nuggets of mining
* Voice filename for South Sudan wasn't correct on geography activity
* Refactor/fix the drag and drop in all the babymatch activities (the ones
you have to take an element from the bar and put it somewhere specific on
the screen)
* Fix a bug in a level of analog electricity activity
* Harmonize images on money activities and fix multiple unwinnable levels
and other related issues
* On submarine and land_safe activities, pause the simulation when the
background is not visible (going to help tab)
* On money and football activities, disable interactions when bonus is
playing (to avoid multiple cases of win in one row).

Regarding the translation (, we actually
have 17 languages at 100%, 5 between 80 and 100% and 15 between 50 and 80%.
As usual, we won't ship translation below 80% to let the children have a
better experience and not enough translated software.

For the packages:

Linux 64bit:

Windows 32bit:

Android arm 32bit:


We still plan to do the release on December 17th so it would be great to
have the software/translation ready on December 15th 12:00 CET .

Thank you again for your contributions,

Timothée & Johnny

Le ven. 15 oct. 2021 à 17:13, Johnny Jazeix <jazeix at> a écrit :

> Hi,
> We have entered the string freeze for GCompris 2.0!
> Please get your translations ready before December 15th 12:00 CET.
> We plan to do the release on December 17th.
> The changelog is available in
> * Most of the 15 new activities have been done by our 2 GSoC students,
> Mariam Fahmy and Harsh Kumar:
>   - baby_mouse -> new activity for younger children to have different
> feedback on actions like moving the mouse, pressing a button... (Mariam)
>   - oware, against computer or with a friend -> traditional African game
> from the Mancala family of board games (Harsh)
>   - path encoding in absolute or relative mode -> give Tux directions so
> he can go between two cases of a grid, either from an absolute point of
> view, or the relative point of view of Tux (Harsh)
>   - path decoding in absolute or relative mode -> create a given path
> between two cases of a grid, either from an absolute point of view, or the
> relative point of view of Tux (Harsh)
>   - learn quantities -> count how many items are needed to represent a
> quantity (Timothée)
>   - learn decimal numbers -> move bits of bars representing one unit to
> recreate a number (Mariam)
>   - learn decimal additions -> move bits of bars representing a number to
> recreate a sum (Mariam)
>   - learn decimal subtractions -> remove bits of bars representing a
> number to recreate a subtraction (Mariam)
>   - ordering activities: numbers, letters, sentences -> to order numbers,
> letters or reorder words to make a correct sentence (Harsh/Emmanuel)
>   - positions -> describe the relative position of an object (Mariam)
> * A lot of usability improvements, fixes and graphic updates.
> There are around 500 new strings and 370 fuzzy ones compared to the
> previous release.
> You can find the files to translate at:
> (please double
> check in if the
> files are not more complete/recent).
> Apart from the main file
> (, it
> would be great to have translations for those two files if they are not
> already translated in your language:
> and
> If you have more time, feel free to check the translation of the website:
> Also, if you would like to record missing voices for your language, this
> is a good time to do it ( for the next
> release status).
> You can test the beta version with these packages (translations have been
> taken from trunk branch):
> * GNU/Linux 64bit:
> (md5sum:
> <>
> .txt
> <>)
> * Windows 32bit:
> (md5sum:
> )
> * Android 32bit:
> (md5sum:
> )
> * Sources:
> (md5sum:
> Thank you all for helping to provide GCompris in multiple languages all
> around the world!
> Timothée & Johnny
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