Request to translate Kdenlive

Luigi Toscano luigi.toscano at
Sat May 8 22:09:17 BST 2021

amine amine ha scritto:
> I am a beginner with translations. Until now i only have participated to 2
> projects
> Scenari opale and gcompris.
> I ignore what should be the next step, unless we all work on a git like commit
> system.

We all have been beginners at some point :)

So, you are a beginner. How did you contribute so far? I guess someone else
reviewed the messages you translated and committed it. Or can you commit them

Even if you don't commit your changes, you can help the newcomers in several
ways. You can help them by reviewing their translation, help to establish a
uniform translation style, and in general answer the questions on how to
translate, where to send the translations.

Until the point you work as team.
And that has nothing to do with the usage of git or subversion or any other
translation system.

So again: there are new volunteers for the language you translate (even if you
translate just gcompris in KDE). With everything described above in mind,
could you please help them to get started?


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