L10n of frameworks announcements on kde.org

Xavier Besnard (Perso) xavier.besnard at neuf.fr
Sun Feb 21 20:00:22 GMT 2021


As member of the French translation team, I fully agree with Josep. For 
the last months, I have tried to fully translate all items from the 
www_www.po file. But, numerous items, related to framework, libraries, 
compiler are really difficult to translate and represent a big workload.

They are not may be, no so interesting for standard users. I would 
prefer to use my translation time to general information on KDE, 
Applications and other public interest topics. As a drawback, could it 
be a solution to isolate changelogs in a specific po file? Each team 
will decide to translate or not.

Regards. Xavier

Le 21/02/2021 à 19:43, Josep Ma. Ferrer a écrit :
> El 21/2/21 a les 16:58, Phu Hung Nguyen ha escrit:
>> Hi everyone,
>> Currently, changelogs of other types of announcement on kde.org are 
>> not translated, only announcement pages are. For Frameworks 
>> announcements, it is a bit different since the changelogs are not 
>> separated from the announcement page but are the main part of it, and 
>> the whole announcement page including the changelogs is translatable. 
>> However the changelogs are mostly technical changes and they are 
>> usually very long. In my opinion, the localization work's main target 
>> is normal users, not technical users, thus the localization of 
>> Frameworks changelogs, which perhaps requires a lot of effort from 
>> translators, doesn't seem to have much impact.
>> Anyway I can still see these changelogs are translated to some 
>> languages. So I would like to ask for your opinions about whether 
>> these changelogs for Frameworks announcements need to be translated.
>> My view on this is that we need not and should not make these 
>> changelogs translatable. People including myself might prefer to read 
>> in their native language(s), but I think (guess) the number of people 
>> reading these changelogs in languages other than English is just not 
>> worth the effort. There can also be the problem of mistranslation 
>> which I think is more relevant in this case because we have a lot of 
>> libraries and translators might sometimes need to understand many of 
>> them to translate correctly. Translators can decide to do the 
>> translation for these changelogs or not, but excluding these 
>> changelogs will save us a lot of message processing work: of about 
>> 13.1k messages in websites-kde-org/www_www.pot, more than 10.1k are 
>> from these changelogs. And lastly, I can put up the question: if we 
>> translate these changelogs, why don't we do with other changelogs as 
>> well?
>> Thank you in advance for your opinions and your time.
>> Regards,
>> Phu
> Changelogs are technical information for technicians, but not useful 
> for users. On the other side, most of Frameworks log messages uses 
> technical argot or keywords that are very difficult to translate. Just 
> one example, the following message (extracted from Frameworks 5.79.0):
> "KDEFrameworksCompilerSettings: define -DQT_NO_KEYWORDS and 
> -DQT_NO_FOREACH by default"
> it only makes sense to translate "define", "and" and "by default". And 
> the same for most of the log messages.
> So, in my opinion, translation of changelogs is a waste of time and 
> resources, with low value-added (if exist). This is what comes to my 
> mind every time I translate the Frameworks changelog :)
> Thanks,
> Josep Ma. Ferrer

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