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Carl Schwan carl at carlschwan.eu
Sun Feb 21 19:59:41 GMT 2021

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Le dimanche, février 21, 2021 4:58 PM, Phu Hung Nguyen <phuhnguyen at disroot.org> a écrit :

> Hi everyone,
> Currently, changelogs of other types of announcement on kde.org are not
> translated, only announcement pages are. For Frameworks announcements,
> it is a bit different since the changelogs are not separated from the
> announcement page but are the main part of it, and the whole
> announcement page including the changelogs is translatable. However the
> changelogs are mostly technical changes and they are usually very long.
> In my opinion, the localization work's main target is normal users, not
> technical users, thus the localization of Frameworks changelogs, which
> perhaps requires a lot of effort from translators, doesn't seem to have
> much impact.
> Anyway I can still see these changelogs are translated to some
> languages. So I would like to ask for your opinions about whether these
> changelogs for Frameworks announcements need to be translated.
> My view on this is that we need not and should not make these changelogs
> translatable. People including myself might prefer to read in their
> native language(s), but I think (guess) the number of people reading
> these changelogs in languages other than English is just not worth the
> effort. There can also be the problem of mistranslation which I think is
> more relevant in this case because we have a lot of libraries and
> translators might sometimes need to understand many of them to translate
> correctly. Translators can decide to do the translation for these
> changelogs or not, but excluding these changelogs will save us a lot of
> message processing work: of about 13.1k messages in
> websites-kde-org/www_www.pot, more than 10.1k are from these changelogs.
> And lastly, I can put up the question: if we translate these changelogs,
> why don't we do with other changelogs as well?

I agree that translating the frameworks announcements is probably not really
worth it. The framework announcements are getting almost no traffic and
the translated version even less. But I don't think we should remove the
already translated pages. Maybe we could move the already existing translation
to a new po file and tell translators that they shouldn't translate them
unless they have too much free time :p

If people are interested, I can make more content in kde.org translatable
and also look into making develop.kde.org translatable. This shouldn't
be to time-consuming for me and is content probably more interesting to
visitors of our websites.

On another note, the traffic of our translated websites represents 10% of
the web traffic for apps.kde.org and kde.org. This is slowly growing in
absolute and relative numbers. It's quite nice to see that this makes it
possible to reach more people.


> Thank you in advance for your opinions and your time.
> Regards,
> Phu

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