L10n of frameworks announcements on kde.org

Luigi Toscano luigi.toscano at tiscali.it
Sun Feb 21 21:36:18 GMT 2021

Carl Schwan ha scritto:
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> Le dimanche, février 21, 2021 4:58 PM, Phu Hung Nguyen <phuhnguyen at disroot.org> a écrit :
>> My view on this is that we need not and should not make these changelogs
>> translatable. People including myself might prefer to read in their
>> native language(s), but I think (guess) the number of people reading
>> these changelogs in languages other than English is just not worth the
>> effort. There can also be the problem of mistranslation which I think is
>> more relevant in this case because we have a lot of libraries and
>> translators might sometimes need to understand many of them to translate
>> correctly. Translators can decide to do the translation for these
>> changelogs or not, but excluding these changelogs will save us a lot of
>> message processing work: of about 13.1k messages in
>> websites-kde-org/www_www.pot, more than 10.1k are from these changelogs.
>> And lastly, I can put up the question: if we translate these changelogs,
>> why don't we do with other changelogs as well?
> I agree that translating the frameworks announcements is probably not really
> worth it. The framework announcements are getting almost no traffic and
> the translated version even less. But I don't think we should remove the
> already translated pages. Maybe we could move the already existing translation
> to a new po file and tell translators that they shouldn't translate them
> unless they have too much free time :p

I agree with moving the changelogs/commit messaes of the frameworks
announcements to a separate file would be a good starting solution. I would
still keep the introductory part in the main file. Why that? Because, if we
remove the translation thresholds for the frameworks announcements to be
translated, people who want to keep the commit messages in English can simply
entirely ignore that new file.

What do you think?


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