GCompris release 2.0 website translation

"Iñigo Salvador Azurmendi" xalba at clientes.euskaltel.es
Sat Dec 25 12:40:30 GMT 2021

Olentzero helped me with the translations.
Basque translation is ready.


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Nork: Johnny Jazeix <jazeix at gmail.com>
Data: 2021(e)ko Abenduak 16(a), Osteguna, 8:51
Gaia: GCompris release 2.0 website translation
Nori: KDE i18n-doc <kde-i18n-doc at kde.org>, GCompris Devel <gcompris-devel at kde.org>
CC: Timothée Giet <animtim at gmail.com>

> Hi,

> we will release GCompris 2.0 tomorrow and we added a new news to be translated in the website: https://l10n.kde.org/stats/gui/trunk-kf5/po/gcompris-net.po/ (pourcentage is not up-to-date, there are strings to translate :)).
> We also made the strings in the carousel translatable (https://gcompris.net/).

> There is no time limit as we can update the website as soon as the po file is updated but it would be nice to ping Timothée and/or me as the upload has to be done manually.

> Cheers,

> Timothée & Johnny
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