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Xavier (Perso) xavier.besnard at
Tue Oct 13 08:45:50 BST 2020

Hello Everyone.

The French version.

Have a nice day and sorry for the late answer.



La mise à jour massive tant attendue par tous, avec Plasma 5.20 est 
arrivée. Plasma 5.20 est publié avec une énorme quantité de nouvelles 
fonctionnalités et d'améliorations, rendant votre expérience du bureau 
Plasma, bien plus facile, bien plus fluide et bien plus agréable.


Le 13/10/2020 à 01:29, Carl Schwan a écrit :
> Hello everyone,
> We (the promo team) wanted to try posting the announcement in multiple
> languages this time for Plasma 5.20 announcement. For this we would need
> your help in getting this tweet's content translated in your language:
> """
> Plasma 5.20, by all accounts a massive release, is here. Plasma 5.20 comes
> with tons of new features and improvements which will make your Plasma
> desktop experience easier, smoother and more fun.
> """
> It would be nice if it could be done before 12AM CEST (UTC+2) but considering
> that this mail was sent later than originally planed. We can post your
> translated version as they come. Depending on how many translations we
> get, we might limit the number of the one we include and priority will be
> give to the language with a corresponding translated announcement.
> If you are already maintaining a social account for KDE in your language,
> I think it will be better if this account post it and then let the official
> KDE account retweet/share/boost it. You just need to send a link to it as a
> reply to this mail.
> Good night,
> Carl
> PS: please make sure that your translation is not too much longer than the
> English tweet, otherwise we will have some problems posting it on twitter
> (Mastodon and other social medias have a bigger limit)

Xavier Besnard

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