[Kde-hardware-devel] Re: Devices disappear after unmounting

Jacopo De Simoi wilderkde at gmail.com
Fri May 27 22:00:51 CEST 2011

As it turns out, this has been reported as bug 270490
I posted a review at 


which solve the issue for me 
Please have a look at it 


> Hello metalworkers!
>  as far as I can see there has been some behavioral change in dealing with previously mounted devices (with the udisks backend at least):
> - in kde 4.6 and previous releases a device stays visible (in dolphin and the device notifier) after being unmounted;
> - in current master a device disappears after the release process.
> I am not sure whether this is a wanted feature or a bug, but I couldn't find a commit in the log where this behavior 
> change is mentioned. 
> If the change was planned, as the device notifier mantainer I don't quite like to have this as the default behavior:
> first of all because it's a quite radical change and people have been educated to the old way of dealing with devices since ever; on top of that, the behavior would be different for different backends, and this is not good at all.
> Moreover, there are issues with the feature as-is:
> in particular if a device with more than one partition is plugged in, and one partition is mounted, unmounting it will make
> all partitions disappear; this is definitely not correct, and not what the user would expect. 
> Moreover I suspect that this applies also to multi-card readers and such and this is again unexpected.
> If the change is a bug, then I'll be happy to help fixing it :)
> Lukáš,  do you know more about this?
> Thanks,
>  __J
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