[Kde-hardware-devel] New devicenotifier moved to kdereview

Jacopo De Simoi wilderkde at gmail.com
Sun Oct 4 11:38:50 CEST 2009

Dear plasma-devs, hardware-devs, core-devs,

  giucam and I, with some very-much-appreciated help by notmart have been lately quite busy porting the devicenotifier to use QGraphicsWidgets; the superficial look-and-feel is pretty much the same as the old device notifier, plus the notable improvement given by the features of giucam "big revamp", which you might have lately enjoyed in trunk. 
Many visual aspects have been polished along with some little new features here and there which have been added, which improve the user experience quite a bit in our opinion and make it even more consistent with plasma than it was before.
We spent quite some time trying to get rid of most bugs and as for now, we believe that it is ready for merging into trunk. 
Of course we need your feedback first, so grab it, try it out and tell us what you think!


**Please notice that there is a OLD devicenotifier in kdereview; make sure you grab the right one**

To whom it may concert: there are a couple of new strings in the configuration dialog (which have been there since the big revamp, so ~1 month ago); I am i18n-challenged and I do not know how to notify these to the i18n-team; please let me know so that I can take all the necessary steps.

Thanks in advance.


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