[kde-guidelines] Docs finally in CVS

Ellen Reitmayr ellen.reitmayr at relevantive.de
Thu Dec 9 00:42:33 CET 2004

Hi everybody,

we finally added the existing HIG files to CVS. You can find the source
files under www/areas/guidelines/src/usability, and you can view them
under www/areas/guidelines/html. The chapter 'Menus' and 'Keyboard
Operations' is quite filled with contents, but of course there is still
a lot of work to do.. btw: missing parts are marked with <todo> tags
(which are currently not defined in the dtd -> see below). 

All of the sect1's and sect2's are there, including ids. sect3's should
be labelled according to the same scheme, which is explained in
guidelines/src/USABILITY_GUIDELINES. I will still add a summarised

I copied some of Frans tables to the Keyboard Operations chapter which
was very helpful 8-) However, who ever wants to contribute does not
necessarily need to write in docbook format. As written in the
USABILITY_GUIDELINES, you can also send OpenOffice or KWord files.  

Some comments/questions:

- Currently, there is one file per chapter. This will probably not
suffice when the amount of text is going to increase. But splitting will
be done later...

- I tried to link within one file (e.g. in keyboard.xml from
keyboard_shortcuts_basics_guidelines to
keyboard_shortcuts_standard_guidelines) -> seems that is not possible,
is it? 

- Shouldn't we mark guimenus, guimenuitems and possibly actions in a
special way (also make them bold)? I know that's not the case in the KDE
docs, but I think it would be useful.

- I added <todo></todo> tags to mark where contents are missing. As they
are not in the dtd, they are marked red in the html output. I think
that's quite fine because you can immediately see where something is
missing. Should we define the todo tags and assign a certain color to
them, or just leave everything as it is currently?

- The bibliography does not seem to work, there are only ??? displayed
(e.g. menus_designing.html)

- The latex to pdf produces many errors and does not build a pdf. I'm
not sure what the problem is....

- Lauri, could you please check if the markup is correct, mostly in
chapter 'Menus' and 'Keyboard Operations'? Thank you 8-)


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