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Chuck Robey chuckr at telenix.org
Thu Mar 19 18:08:56 CET 2009

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David Johnson wrote:
>> Would like to ask 1 question, tho, right now.  I didn't get kde working
>> for the
>> first while, because I wasn't aware of x11/kdebase4-workspace.  It seems
>> that
>> nothing pulls that package in, as far as depends go, so when you start up
>> what
>> you think is kde4, you get whatever old kde you had.  Whie this is a nice
>> way to
>> verify that my kde3 install still works with kde4 on FreeBSD, I really
>> think
>> that this port should be brought in from some dependency.  Did I miss this
>> somewhere, or is kdebase4-workspace really running sans depends-linkage?
> kdebase4 are are the basic apps (konqueror, etc). kdebase-runtime4 are
> stuff that KDE apps need during runtime (icons, etc). Finally,
> kdebase4-workspace is the actual desktop (window manager, etc).
> None of the apps depend on kdebase4-workspace, because none of them depend
> on a specific desktop. But the kde4 meta-port does have it as a dependency
> (if you didn't uncheck it).
>> Last question, a friend told me thjat when I started up KDE4, I would be
>> impressed by the new pager, having a snazzy new 3D-ish desktop display.  I
>> can't
>> see that yet, how to access that?
> You need compositing (window manager effects) turned on for this. The
> actual pager applet sitting in the panel hasn't changed all that much, but
> there are some cool effects for switching desktops.

You and Bartosz said the same thing, "compositing", actually, Bartosz said I
would need a graphics driver capability for compositing.  I'm not really sure
what this is.

I'm running here, on my FreeBSD-current box (with 4G of RAM), an EVGA (Nvidia
lookalike), 8600GTS, using the nvidia driver in the Xorg X11.  That's what my
xorg.conf configures, isn't that the correct thing?   I can't find anything
about compositing in the KDE docs, but I don't think I've really got all those
correctly installed yet.

As Bartosz says, I might not end of liking all that extra eye candy, but I *do*
at least want to see what it's all about.

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