[kde-freebsd] finally

David Johnson david at usermode.org
Wed Mar 18 21:29:22 CET 2009

> Would like to ask 1 question, tho, right now.  I didn't get kde working
> for the
> first while, because I wasn't aware of x11/kdebase4-workspace.  It seems
> that
> nothing pulls that package in, as far as depends go, so when you start up
> what
> you think is kde4, you get whatever old kde you had.  Whie this is a nice
> way to
> verify that my kde3 install still works with kde4 on FreeBSD, I really
> think
> that this port should be brought in from some dependency.  Did I miss this
> somewhere, or is kdebase4-workspace really running sans depends-linkage?

kdebase4 are are the basic apps (konqueror, etc). kdebase-runtime4 are
stuff that KDE apps need during runtime (icons, etc). Finally,
kdebase4-workspace is the actual desktop (window manager, etc).

None of the apps depend on kdebase4-workspace, because none of them depend
on a specific desktop. But the kde4 meta-port does have it as a dependency
(if you didn't uncheck it).

> Last question, a friend told me thjat when I started up KDE4, I would be
> impressed by the new pager, having a snazzy new 3D-ish desktop display.  I
> can't
> see that yet, how to access that?

You need compositing (window manager effects) turned on for this. The
actual pager applet sitting in the panel hasn't changed all that much, but
there are some cool effects for switching desktops.


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