[kde-freebsd] Found qt4-qmake-4.4.1, but you need to upgrade to qt4-qmake>=4.4.3

Mikhail T. mi+thun at aldan.algebra.com
Sun Feb 22 10:19:33 CET 2009

Max Brazhnikov написав(ла):
> On Sat, 21 Feb 2009 19:48:54 -0500, Mikhail T. wrote:
>> Hi, I wanted to save some time upgrading my Qt4 installation and did not
>> delete the qmake4 port. Unfortunately, the version-checker is very strict:
>>     ===>   qt4-gui-4.4.3_1 depends on package: qt4-qmake>=4.4.3 - not found
>>     ===>   Found qt4-qmake-4.4.1, but you need to upgrade to
>>     qt4-qmake>=4.4.3.
>>     *** Error code 1
>> Will the thing really break with the earlier qmake4, or is this, in
>> fact, an over-kill? Thanks,
> I can't say it will really break something (at least for different revisions), 
> however having mixed qt4 parts of several versions is not supposed. Qt 
> provides single package for qt4 and it doesn't support by component build.
> While our ports allow to build qt4 by parts, it's primary for reducing the 
> total qt4 components installed.
Well, the devel/qmake port was torn out of the rest of Qt3 (by yours 
truly) primarily in order to save (re)build time in addition to reducing 
the foot-print of Qt-installation for those, who were just using 
packages. For years now Qt3 was building fine with any version of qmake 
-- the two pieces didn't have to match. It still works just fine today.
It would've been nicer, if FreeBSD weren't adding its own gratuitous 
requirements "just in case" on top of Qt's own checks...
You don't have to "support" such mismatches, but you should not be 
actively preventing them either.


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