[kde-freebsd] Call for Testing KDE 4.2 for FreeBSD

Thomas Schlesinger schlesix at gmx.de
Tue Feb 3 18:49:24 CET 2009

Dorian Büttner wrote:

> On Monday 02 February 2009 15:22:29 Thomas Schlesinger wrote:
> > I've build some packages successfully over the last days with FreeBSD
> 7.1
> Shouldn't it read: since yesterday evening? 

No, it should read: over the last days.

> > on i386 (Upgrade from KDE 4.1.x):
> You should delete your ports and start over, as described in
> UPDATING-area51.

Well, I want to avoid this ;-)

> >
> You could also install bsdadminscripts from ports and run libchk -qo, this
> will give you an overwiew how messed your system is regarding library 
> versions. It's often mentioned in bsdforen.de.

That was a helpful hint. I've used the pkg_libchk -qo and I've rebuilt the shown ports. It didn't fix my problem with kdeedu4, but now firefox3 is able to start again ;-)

Thanks for this tip,

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