[kde-freebsd] Call for Testing KDE 4.2 for FreeBSD (fwd)

Daniel Eischen deischen at freebsd.org
Mon Feb 2 01:35:11 CET 2009

I should have CC'd the list...


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Date: Sun, 1 Feb 2009 19:16:36 -0500 (EST)
From: Daniel Eischen <eischen at vigrid.com>
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Subject: Re: [kde-freebsd] Call for Testing KDE 4.2 for FreeBSD

> On February 1, 2009 04:41:44 pm you (Daniel Eischen) wrote:
>> Nice, but can you add your own custom mouse menus like you
>> could with KDE 3.x and previous?
>> <rant>
>> The one thing that I *hate* about KDE4 is that I had to go to
>> the start menu bar or clutter my desktop with custom icons
>> (or whatever you call them).  The default application menu
>> thingy is just too damned big to navigate; I want my own
>> menus using my first mouse button like I've been able to do
>> for years.  I've got 3 mouse buttons; let me use them the
>> way I want.  Christ, even Motif mwm lets me do this.
>> </rant>
> Have you tried setting the menu to Classic mode? Just right-click on the K
> button and you'll see "Switch to Classic Menu mode". Also, the menu editor is
> still right there. Not sure if that's of any help to you, but I thought I'd
> mention it.

Yes, I use classic mode.  I tried this with KDE 4.? (whatever was in
ports in Nov 2008).  There was no menu editor that I could see, at
least nothing that looked anything like the custom mouse button
controls from KDE 2/3.x.  And I looked *very* hard to find it,
searched mailing lists, didn't find a reference to it, but found
others with the same problem but no solution.

To be clear, I don't want to edit the K-menu (or whatever it
is called now), I want to add menus for my first and second
mouse buttons so that when I press one of those buttons over
*any* unoccupied area of the desktop (e.g., not hovering over
a shortcut/icon, control panel, or an open application window),
I get my own customized menu.


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