[kde-freebsd] KDE 4.1 slowdowns

Hannes Hauswedell list_kde-freebsd at soulrebel.in-berlin.de
Tue Sep 2 21:24:08 CEST 2008

I am experiencing so many performance problems, I dont even know where to 
start :(

Certain things are almost always slow:
- opening config dialog for any kde-app

Other things slow down randomly:
- application startup
- menus
- kmail in general
- konqueror in general

Also closing applications doesnt actually close them (open  
konqueror/kmail/kate and close it, then ps to see its still there), so memory 
consumption goes up after a while. 

Sometimes things just become faster again on their own. Sometimes I close all 
apps (and kill them after that to make sure they are gone), and everything is 
fast again.

Some slowdowns are visible to top, i.e. I shortly see kded4 using about >60% 
CPU. Other slowdowns are not reflected by cpuload, as you described...

Kwin seems to be one of the things which work quite well for me. The 
Performance is quite good even with effects...

On Tuesday 02 September 2008 20:30:21 Kris Moore wrote:
> Andy Fawcett wrote:
> > On Tuesday 02 September 2008 21:15:30 Kris Moore wrote:
> >> Has anybody else noticed weird slowdowns in KDE 4.1?
> >>
> >> Several of our users are reporting it, and I've seen it here as well.
> >> It seems like sometimes KDE will just take a LONG time to start
> >> processes, or startf programs. "top" doesn't show anything using CPU,
> >> so I know the systems aren't busy.
> >>
> >> A good example would be when using a program which runs kdesu, 95% of
> >> the time it works perfectly, but occasionally i'll run kdesu, and it
> >> can take 45 seconds to a minute to even bring up the dialog, when it
> >> normally takes less than a second. (this is on a dual-core system,
> >> with nothing else running on it)
> >
> > I noticed a huge memleak in kwin the other day, causing my system to
> > slowdown and swap. Haven't managed to reproduce this yet though.
> >
> > Andy
> I'm don't think in this case that its a mem leak, I still show almost
> all of my memory available. Whats weird, is that this is only occurring
> when KDE itself tries to launch a process / program.
> For example, I have a firefox icon in kmenu, or desktop. At random
> times, I'll click the icon, and it'll just sit there, without launching
> at all. However, if I have konsole up, I can run firefox manually, and
> it starts / exits just fine. The weird thing is that it'll go ahead and
> start firefox up after a few minutes in some cases. (No errors or
> anything, it just starts minutes later) Its almost as if KDE is waiting
> for a call, or some dbus request to finish before starting the application.
> Few more details about our setup:
> KDE 4.1 (latest from ports)
> FreeBSD 7-Stable
> ULE Scheduler
> Aside from that, nothing too special. KDE 3.5.x never had this problem
> on 7-Stable.

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