[kde-freebsd] New Prefix for KDE4

Tilman Linneweh arved at FreeBSD.org
Wed Jan 23 23:29:39 CET 2008

Hello Hannes,

* Hannes [2008-01-23 22:50]:
> As far as I understood recent posts on this list, the current plan is
> to put kde4 into $PREFIX/kde4 , right?  I think thats not really good,
> since it breaks the clean hierarchy of FreeBSD. Why is not possible to
> split libs and headers into extra dirs and rename the binaries?  e.g.
> put kdeX-libs into $PREFIX/lib/kdeX, headers into $PREFIX/include/kdeX
> and rename the binaries to foobarX.  You can use flags like USE_KDE3
> and USE_KDE4, to define whether a port includes certain dirs for
> libraries and headers.

Well, it is not actually a plan, it is just how i started :-). My idea
was, to first check, how much of KDE4 actually works on FreeBSD, without
lots of patching.

I absolutely agree with you that installing into versioned
subdirectories of PREFIX is the cleaner solution.

> Are there any drawbacks to this approach besides having to change the
> current kde-ports (and the kde-ports-meta-stuff and bump all
> kde-dependent ports one up)? <- I know that isnt trivial.

Wanna sign up for this task? Send patches!!1 :-)
> Oh btw, you might ask yourself why I propose all of this, while nobody 
> knows me and I haven't done anything really and can't help (at least 
> not until March)... Well, I just thought doing it this way would make 
> more sense and wanted to at least tell you people :D I hope to be able
> to help in March (if there is still work left, then).

I am quite sure there will be work left.

regards arved

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