[kde-freebsd] New Prefix for KDE4

Hannes list_kde-freebsd at soulrebel.in-berlin.de
Wed Jan 23 23:46:03 CET 2008

Hi everybody!
As far as I understood recent posts on this list, the current plan is to 
put kde4 into $PREFIX/kde4 , right?
I think thats not really good, since it breaks the clean hierarchy of 
FreeBSD. Why is not possible to split libs and headers into extra dirs 
and rename the binaries?
e.g. put kdeX-libs into $PREFIX/lib/kdeX, headers into 
$PREFIX/include/kdeX and rename the binaries to foobarX.
You can use flags like USE_KDE3 and USE_KDE4, to define whether a port 
includes certain dirs for libraries and headers.

This has some advantages as far as i can see:
1) cleaner hierarchy
2) since both kde3 and kde4 libs+headers are in non-default location, 
one doesnt unintentionally link with one or the other.
3) also it is always clear which binaries are used. I think it will get 
rather confusing when people have two equally named binaries, in 
different places. Especially if you have different parts of both kde 
versions installed, you will quickly lose track of which comes from 
where. Programs that look for binaries in your path will also 
get "confused".
4) there is no problem dropping kde3 sometime, if desirable.
5) it would be consistant with the qt4-ports that left there stuff 
in-place (although its easier on them, because the new libs are called 
different than the old ones) and renamed their binaries to foobar-qt4

Are there any drawbacks to this approach besides having to change the 
current kde-ports (and the kde-ports-meta-stuff and bump all 
kde-dependent ports one up)? <- I know that isnt trivial.

Oh btw, you might ask yourself why I propose all of this, while nobody 
knows me and I haven't done anything really and can't help (at least 
not until March)... Well, I just thought doing it this way would make 
more sense and wanted to at least tell you people :D
I hope to be able to help in March (if there is still work left, then).

Good Luck & thanks for the efforts!

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