[kde-freebsd] mail questions: mutt and KDE

Gary Kline kline at magnesium.net
Thu Jan 24 03:24:41 CET 2008


	Here's hopping that I'm still subscribed to the kde list, and that somebody can 
	answer these general mail-type questions.  Once I have Kmail working on my own
	domain, I'll be able to use that as a lifeline.  Also, I would like some clues
	of how to if IF I  can use mutt *with* IMAP.

	Since my network re-org, THOUGHT.ORG is now behind a stand-alone firewall.
	AFAIK, nothing/nobody, not even me, can crack my f'wall.  My server/desktop 
	is not running 3 servers within one jail: DNS, web, and email.  Still using
	sendmail as my MTA, the rest of it is evolution and/or kmail.  USing IMAP
	from my two desktops to the mailserver.   I Do not understand much of this yet, 
	do Please bear with me.

	I want to get mutt functional since most of my mailis ASCII or 8859-15.  For 
	friends who mail me URL's of pics, I use the GUI mail user agents.   Is there 
	a way me me, on desktops (FBSD and Ubuntu) to send/receive via the mailserver?

	The Kmail question is a bit on the strange side.  When I hit the "reply" icon,
	a composer window pops up, but I cannot type in it!  There is no echo to stdout.
	But the scroll-bar moves up so I'm guessing that **something** is being stuffed 
	into the the composer buffer.  Have any of you guys seen this before?

	(I recently learned most of the other one, evo, and it does build, but I'm 
	missing its icons...   I see tiny squares with red X's inside.  But this is
	another issue. For now, I'd be happy with some clues about the Kmail strangeness
	and the mutt+IMAP stuff.)

	tia, guys,


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