[kde-freebsd] parallelizing the build of Qt, etc.

Michael Nottebrock lofi at freebsd.org
Thu Aug 23 17:19:04 CEST 2007

Mikhail Teterin schrieb:
> четвер 23 серпень 2007 10:09 до, Michael Nottebrock Ви написали:
>> Please back this out or at least hide it behind an option. Anyone who
>> wants to parallelize make and is willing to deal with the possible
>> fallout can easily do so already, this is no safe default for everybody.
> Michael, with all due respect to your wishes, I'd like to receive a single 
> failure report first... I've used this myself for a while on both single- and 
> multi-CPU machines and had no issues. Without "releasing into wild", we'll 
> never move on. So, unless there is a release pending soon, I'd like to keep 
> the change.
I really really really do not think that this should be the default.
Consider that users of SMP machines, especially those running KDE, might
appreciate having one cpu/core available for their desktop work while a
portupgrade is in progress in the background. Jacking up the load to the
possible maximum does not make for a smooth desktop experience.
>> I am certainly not going to do anything similar in the KDE or QT4 ports.
> That's surely up to you, the maintainers.
To clarify: What I am not going to do is to make something like this the
default, unconditionally, for everybody. A switch for people interested
in this is always possible. If you have patches for bsd.kde.mk /
bsd.qt.mk which implement this and work for you, feel free to submit them.

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