Breeze widget style for KF5

Mark Gaiser markg85 at
Mon Aug 11 18:07:58 UTC 2014

On Mon, Aug 11, 2014 at 12:29 PM, Hugo Pereira Da Costa
<hugo.pereira at> wrote:
> Hi all,
> For the last couple of weeks and after discussion with Nuno, Marco, Andrew
> and some others, I've worked on implementing most of the ideas from
> git:// (more precisely from the QML demos at
> widgetstyles/qtquickcontrolsstyle)  into a native widget style for KF5.
> Some screenshots below:
> dolphin:
> oxygen-demo:
> Now this is of course not complete, but at least it is usable (I'm using it
> now).
> It naturally uses a lot of the code from oxygen, though for now I've
> preferred making a deep copy than actually sharing the code via libraries.
> Also it should be more efficient and have less 'issues' because it uses no
> pixmap caching but direct rendering to the widgets everywhere, mostly
> because said rendering is simpler than for oxygen. This should make it more
> easily dpi independent when this gets implemented inside Qt5.
> For the moment the code is in the following scratch repository:
> git://
> Ultimately I'd like to
> - push this to some official repository (where should that be ?
> kde/workspace/breeze/kstyle ?)
> - make it the 'official' kf5 style (instead of the current QtCurve settings)
> - have feedback
> - iron out the remaining issues
> Among the things that are most notably missing are: a configuration ui (!)
> (though I foresee less things to be configurable than with oxygen)
> ... and then I'd like to:
> - make a gtk style
> - possibly make a kde4/qt4 style,
> - backport the improvement made to the code base (it is always good to
> revisit one's code) to oxygen at kf5
> etc.
> Comments, objections, blessings, are welcome
> Best,
> Hugo
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I - nearly - like it :)
In "oxygen-demo2.png" you show the UI controls. It looks good, but a
bit too flat for my taste. Could you do very subtle small color

In dolphin, the blue border is so.. "in your face". Sure, there is
probably a need for that border to indicate the part of dolphin that
has focus, but does the border have to be so bright shiny blue? A
white border with a small blue tint would be a nice experiment i

Nice job thus far! I don't care if you use QtCurve or something else.
As long as it looks good and is performant.

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