Breeze widget style for KF5

Sebastian Kügler sebas at
Mon Aug 18 13:02:19 UTC 2014

On Monday, August 11, 2014 12:29:05 Hugo Pereira Da Costa wrote:
> Comments, objections, blessings, are welcome

After using it daily for about a week, I can say I'm really happy about it. It 
feels fast, well-done (even if some bits are missing, not complete yet), and 
gives me an impression of high quality.

One thing I noticed that I'm a bit unused to are the centered tabs. My tabs 
have always been left-aligned, so this seems odd. Not sure if that's just a 
missing thing, or a conscious/unconscious effect of the migration, or a bug.

Overall, very nice work! It's amazing to see how it improves visibly almost 

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