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Andrew Lake jamboarder at
Mon Aug 11 16:11:43 UTC 2014

Hi Hugo,

This is fantastic! I'm so excited to see how far your efforts have

On Mon, Aug 11, 2014 at 3:29 AM, Hugo Pereira Da Costa  wrote:

> Ultimately I'd like to
> - push this to some official repository (where should that be ?
> kde/workspace/breeze/kstyle ?)

I'm ambivalent on where this is housed. You're certainly welcome to push it
to the Breeze project repo (widgetstyles/kstyle) if there's no consensus on
where to house it.

- make it the 'official' kf5 style (instead of the current QtCurve settings)

No objections from the VDG corner of course. :-)

>  - have feedback

I only have one or two questions. Generally though, this appears to be
quite a faithful implementation of Breeze UI controls design captured in
the QtQuick implementation.
- What corner radius is that? It looks a touch larger than I remember. They
might need to be a touch sharper everywhere (maybe round down instead of up
on corner radii?).
- If it's not too much trouble, we can eliminate the box around the header (
- The tabs look great. :-)
- The circular slider looks awesome ( :-)
- We (the VDG) will likely need to revisit the progress bar design since we
didn't account for the % label which currently moves it off-center. We'll
work on that and deliver an updated design that considers that. For now,
it's fine as is.
- I know this'll seem like a nit-pick, but is it possible to have the ends
of the slider and the progress bar have a similar margin so they share the
same alignment line ( I
completely understand why they look that way right now functionally, but
this tweak would be primarily for visual not functional reasons. I'll need
update the QtQuick implementation as well.
- There may be one or two other very minor things, but I'll wait till you
find a home for this and start ironing out any outstanding issues.
- Overall it looks fantastic!

> Among the things that are most notably missing are: a configuration ui (!)
> (though I foresee less things to be configurable than with oxygen)
> ... and then I'd like to:
> - make a gtk style
> - possibly make a kde4/qt4 style,
> - backport the improvement made to the code base (it is always good to
> revisit one's code) to oxygen at kf5
> etc.

+1. I don't have much to recommend for configuration right now so, unless
there are accessibility-related config stuff, I'd be ok if you decided that
the config is relatively lower priority compared to the other stuff here.

Wow. Super-excited by this Hugo! just holler if you have any questions from
the VDG side of things.

Much much respect,
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