D25060: Fixing ASTAP Path on OS X and Setting Autostar as default for PHD2 Guiding

Robert Lancaster noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Wed Oct 30 03:41:20 GMT 2019

lancaster added a comment.

  2- I'm not sure the autoStarCheck->setChecked(true); inside of Guide::resizeEvent() is quite right. I would think we'd want to default this way if the user hasn't previously set a preference, but one he/she does express a preference, then the preference should be remembered across sessions. The way I read this is that it doesn't allow the user to keep his preference across sessions. So, I'd keep this as is, if the cross-session thing is complex, but would like the end-game to be restoring the user's preference.
  --One note, this change is actually in the setStatus method.  It runs when PHD2 is connected.  it just looks like it is in the resizeEvent method due to the way it is displayed in Phabricator.
  --So this is part of the currently existing behavior that you said was giving you trouble.  Right now as far as I know, the auto-star checkbox selection should be remembered between sessions.  I didn't write any code that would change that in my big PHD2 change, so that what you are saying is the current behavior to my knowledge.
  --Also right now with the current behavior with Ekos and PHD2, if the user has auto-star unchecked but has not clicked on a star to force PHD2 to use that star for guiding, then it lets PHD2 select a star automatically and doesn't force it to use a different lock position.  It is only if the user has auto-star unchecked and then the user selects a star to use for guiding in the guide image that it actually makes PHD2 use that star when guiding.  So really you don't have to have auto star checked as long as you don't select a guide star it will still guide automatically.
  --If in fact, you would prefer to keep the current behavior on this and not use my added line here that forces auto-star to get checked when you connect to PHD2, we can put it back to the current behavior.  I added it because you said that autostar wasn't getting checked and you though it should be set that way each time for PHD2 when it starts up because it was giving you trouble

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