D21461: Multiplle datasets for money activity

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> jjazeix wrote in money.js:74
> I would use the dataset moneyItems, not directly the Constants one. Else the specific items won't be used.
> I guess you can use slice to copy the array (https://developer.mozilla.org/fr/docs/Web/JavaScript/Reference/Objets_globaux/Array/slice)

@jjazeix But there is a problem with using the dataset's moneyItems. If suppose we need to find change for 100 units paid, then the pocket values might not contain a 100 units note, it might instead contain one 50 units, two 20 units and one 10 units notes. So instead of just one 100 units note, tux will now hold 4 notes will would require alot of space and would hinder the visibility of individual notes.

> jjazeix wrote in money.js:86
> I think the part: (avaliableCurrency[i].val > amountToBeCovered) is not needed because it should always be the case before breaking as we start from the higher value in a sorted array.

The dataset is sorted in ascending order that is why i added that condition, but yes it won't be needed if i sort it in descending order. Will do that

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