D21461: Multiplle datasets for money activity

Johnny Jazeix noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Tue Jun 4 16:16:06 BST 2019

jjazeix added inline comments.


> AkshayCHD wrote in money.js:74
> @jjazeix But there is a problem with using the dataset's moneyItems. If suppose we need to find change for 100 units paid, then the pocket values might not contain a 100 units note, it might instead contain one 50 units, two 20 units and one 10 units notes. So instead of just one 100 units note, tux will now hold 4 notes will would require alot of space and would hinder the visibility of individual notes.

It will be up to the person doing the dataset to take care of not having too much notes for the layout.
But for now, if someone has a money worth 50000 unit, it won't be used in the algorithm to compute.

> AkshayCHD wrote in money.js:86
> The dataset is sorted in ascending order that is why i added that condition, but yes it won't be needed if i sort it in descending order. Will do that

Then, it's the other condition that's not needed (one of the two is not).

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