D22507: Tooltip Framework for m_statsTable in HypothesisTestView

Alexander Semke noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Sun Jul 28 17:25:19 BST 2019

asemke added inline comments.


> devanshuagarwal wrote in HypothesisTest.cpp:1578
> Yes, we can have collisions here but this is the best way I could come up yet. Another thing that we can do is to store tooltip with word position (local or global). But the challenge will be to find the position of the word in huge strings.

You can create in the constructor of the cell and ID, a random number, and work with cell->id() here to avoid collisions.

> asemke wrote in HypothesisTest.h:85
> why do you want to work with a pointer here? You create the map with new in the constructor and never delete it. Just create the map on the stack, which is ok for this use-case, and you don't need to bother with the memory management.

I don't see this done. It's still a pointer here with the object created with new in the constructor and without any delete in the destructor.

> HypothesisTestPrivate.h:90
>  //	int columnCount{0};
> -	QString currTestName{"Result Table"};
> -	double populationMean;
> -	double significanceLevel;
> -	QString statsTable;
> -	HypothesisTest::Test::Tail tailType;
> +    QString currTestName{"Result Table"};
> +    double populationMean;

add i18n for this string.

> HypothesisTestPrivate.h:103
>  private:
> -	bool isNumericOrInteger(Column* column);
> +    bool isNumericOrInteger(Column* column);

we have already AbstractColumn::isNumeric() returning true for  AbstractColumn::Numeric and AbstractColumn::Integer. Please check whether you can use this functions.

  R262 LabPlot


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