D22507: Tooltip Framework for m_statsTable in HypothesisTestView

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Thu Jul 18 11:07:41 BST 2019

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> asemke wrote in HypothesisTest.cpp:1578
> is currCell->data unique or can we have collisions here?

Yes, we can have collisions here but this is the best way I could come up yet. Another thing that we can do is to store tooltip with word position (local or global). But the challenge will be to find the position of the word in huge strings.

> asemke wrote in HypothesisTestPrivate.h:59
> you have quite a lot of parameters already in the constructor. Consider setting the tooltip via setToolTip() function. No need to add yet another empty parameter to the constructor.

Ok, It can be done. But I think it will make code unreadable and confusing:
For example this table horizontal header:

  rowMajor.append(new Cell("", level, true));
  rowMajor.append(new Cell("SS", level, true));
  rowMajor.append(new Cell("df", level, true, "degree of freedom");
  rowMajor.append(new Cell("MS", level, true));

will get changed to:

  rowMajor.append(new Cell("", level, true));
  rowMajor.append(new Cell("SS", level, true));
  Cell* newCell = new Cell("DF", level, true); newCell->setToolTip("Degree of Freedom"); rowMajor.append(newCell);
  rowMajor.append(new Cell("MS", level, true));

  R262 LabPlot


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