Labplot Snap

Alexander Semke alexander.semke at
Sat Jul 6 10:47:33 BST 2019

Hi Jonathan,

> Hola, we've made Snap packages for Labplot
> [...]
> Could you test out the package and add it to your download page?
Thanks for taking care of this! I tested it now a bit and it seems to work
without any problems. I updated our download page now (https://

Your package doesn't seem to have Cantor as part of it. Would this be

We have this bug for the flatpack
package. I'm not sure how to solve this one. Maybe this snap will have a
similar issue. For Cantor we need "backend systems" like Maxima, Octate, etc.
and it looks like additional and I'd say a non-user-friendly effort is
required for these containers - .

I still didn't manage to find some time to make me familiar with snap,
flatpack and appimage.  But maybe you can comment on how to deal and how to
package such dependencies best.

Thanks and Best Regards,

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