D17861: Prevent instructions from disappearing

Johnny Jazeix noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Thu Jan 3 12:16:36 GMT 2019

jjazeix added inline comments.


> Share.qml:260
> +            //to change width of instruction enclosing box with change in width of instruction text
> +            onWidthChanged: {
> +                instruction.width = width

why not always set instruction.width/height to instructionTxt.width/height using normal binding?

> Share.qml:268
>              opacity: instruction.opacity
> +            height: background.height - (bar.height + 500)
> +            elide: Text.ElideRight

why 500?

> share.js:60
> +        items.instruction.widgetVisible = false
>          items.instruction.text = subLevelData.instruction

when you toggle 2 lines below, you also change the visible, is it normal to do it twice?

> share.js:105
>          //~ plural Then equally split %n candies between them.
> +        items.instruction.widgetVisible = false
>          items.instruction.text += qsTr("Then equally split %n pieces of candy between them.", "Third part of Place %n boy(s) and %n girl(s) in the center. Then equally split %n pieces of candy between them.", items.totalCandies);

same as above

  R2 GCompris


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