D18230: Added admin mode to question and answer activity

Akshay Kumar noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Mon Feb 11 11:23:51 GMT 2019

AkshayCHD added a comment.

  Diff Update:
  1. Made the answer text slide down when question length is too long
  2. Moved the buttons up when window height > width
  Updates to be made:
  1. Remove the submit button
  2. Add some sort of timer
  3. Create separate json files for different types of questions instead of one


> jjazeix wrote in dataset.json:1
> The issue that Emmanuel is saying is, (as I understand it), is that we only have one dataset.json file for all the categories.
> It would be better to use one qml file (to be able to use qsTr()) per category and "dynamically" load the categories instead of having to update the dataset.json.
> This would allow to create dataset independantly of the software compilation and be able to use them without having to recompile (we could say to load all qml dataset files in ~/.local/gcompris... for example).

Okay, I get it now, I'll get on it. Thanks :)

  R2 GCompris


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