D18230: Added admin mode to question and answer activity

emmanuel charruau noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Mon Feb 11 08:42:25 GMT 2019

echarruau added a comment.

  Could you please detail what you have done when submitting the final sum up.
  Instead of writting "Made the changes" I need to know what has been changed.
  I asked you to remove the start button, add a timer, split the json file (which should be several qml files in fact).
  I can not see any of these changes. If you write precisely what you have done I will know if I made git apply mistake or if you forgot something.
  You need to play with the window size when you work with sizes.
  I reduced my screen at the maximum and the text does not fit in the screen.
  Nice improvements on the questions sizes. 
  Now that this step is started we need to find a way to differentiate short questions (like multiplications) that need to be displayed like it is now displayed, and sentences that need to be displayed in a smaller way.
  I will do a mock up during the day to present you what I have in mind.
  We need at least to remove the = sign which should be part of the config file.
  On qml file, we will need to couple questions and answers to avoid mistakes while entering questions and answer in the future qml config file.
  Good luck :)

  R2 GCompris


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