D23419: Fix problems when importing new Data

Alexander Semke noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Sun Aug 25 15:46:19 BST 2019

asemke added inline comments.


> Project.cpp:268
> +				if (formulaVariableColumnsPath[i] == columnPath)
> +					tempColumn->setformulVariableColumn(i, const_cast<Column*>(static_cast<const Column*>(column)));
>  			}

where is the pointer column defined?

> Column.cpp:92
>  	connect(m_usedInActionGroup, &QActionGroup::triggered, this, &Column::navigateTo);
> +	connect(this, &AbstractColumn::maskingChanged, this, [=]{d->propertiesAvailable = false;});
>  }

maskingChanged is nowhere called in your patch.

> ColumnPrivate.h:122
>  	void finalizeLoad();
> +	void connectFormulaColumn(const AbstractColumn* column);

this new function can be made private.

> Spreadsheet.cpp:908
>  				child<Column>(i)->setSuppressDataChangedSignal(true);
> +				emit child<Column>(i)->reset(child<Column>(i));
> +			}

where is this signal consumed?

> XYCurve.h:136
>  	POINTER_D_ACCESSOR_DECL(const AbstractColumn, yErrorMinusColumn, YErrorMinusColumn)
> -	const QString& yErrorMinusColumnPath() const;
> +	CLASS_D_ACCESSOR_DECL(QString, xErrorPlusColumnPath, XErrorPlusColumnPath)
> +	CLASS_D_ACCESSOR_DECL(QString, xErrorMinusColumnPath, XErrorMinusColumnPath)

do I see it correctly that with this patch the connection of a column with a curve is lost if the column is renamed? At the moment it's possible to rename the columns (for example from "my great y-data" to "my great and fancy y-data") without affecting the curves - is this not possible anymore since we work now with your patch with names and not with the pointers anymore?

  R262 LabPlot


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