D23419: Fix problems when importing new Data

Yuri Chornoivan noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Sun Aug 25 10:46:11 BST 2019

yurchor added a comment.

  Thanks in advance for fixing these minor issues.


> Project.cpp:204
>   * \brief Project::descriptionChanged
> + * This function is called, when an object changes it's name. When a column changed it's name and wasn't connected before to the curve/column(formula) then
> + * this is done in this function

Typo: it's -> its (twice)

> macrosXYCurve.h:44
> +  \param column pointer to a AbstractColumn
> +  \param column_prefix columnnames should be have always the same style. For example xColumn -> column_prefix = x, xErrorPlusColumn -> column_prefix = xErrorPlus
> +  */

Typo: should be have -> should have

  R262 LabPlot


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