D22910: Replace obsolete QSignalMapper and qSort with non-obsolete code

Sebastian Gottfried noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Mon Aug 5 09:29:06 BST 2019

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  Looks mostly good and works as intended. But its seems you have missed the member declarations and include directives:
    ktouch/src$ grep -r "QSignalMapper"
    models/lessonmodel.cpp:#include <QSignalMapper>
    models/charactersmodel.h:class QSignalMapper;
    models/charactersmodel.h:    QSignalMapper* m_signalMapper;
    models/resourcemodel.h:class QSignalMapper;
    models/resourcemodel.h:    QSignalMapper* m_signalMapper;
    models/resourcemodel.cpp:#include <QSignalMapper>
    models/charactersmodel.cpp:#include <QSignalMapper>
    models/lessonmodel.h:class QSignalMapper;
    models/lessonmodel.h:    QSignalMapper* m_signalMapper;
    core/course.cpp:#include <QSignalMapper>
    core/keyboardlayout.h:class QSignalMapper;
    core/keyboardlayout.h:    QSignalMapper* m_signalMapper;
    core/course.h:class QSignalMapper;
    core/course.h:    QSignalMapper* m_signalMapper;
    core/keyboardlayout.cpp:#include <QSignalMapper>
  Can you please remove these?


> lessonmodel.cpp:152
>      {
> -        m_signalMapper->setMapping(m_course->lesson(i), i);
> +        connect(m_course->lesson(i), &Lesson::titleChanged, this, [=] { emitLessonChanged(i); });
> +        connect(m_course->lesson(i), &Lesson::newCharactersChanged, this, [=] { emitLessonChanged(i); });

`updateMappings` is called multiple times. If I am not mistaken, this will result in multiple connections to the lambda with different values of `ì` of you don't `disconnect()` first.

  R336 KTouch


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