D14813: Adding XPlanet Viewer

Pino Toscano noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Sat Aug 18 08:10:30 BST 2018

pino added a comment.

  FWIW, there are still lots of my concerns that remain unfixed -- sad to see that this patch was committed like this.
  Also there are more concerns in latest revisions, for example:
  - i18n string puzzles
  - hardcoded /tmp
  - totally unsafe temporary file name creation for the FIFO
  - wrong handling of non local URLs (which in fact that not supported)
  - hardcoded size for buttons
  @mutlaqja what about reverting this, and fixing the issues before? Otherwise, reviewing patches does not make much sense, if problems are let in like this.

  R321 KStars


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