D14684: [DO NOT MERGE YET] Fix duplicate sequence jobs completion checks.

Jasem Mutlaq noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Thu Aug 9 07:46:47 BST 2018

mutlaqja added a comment.

  1. The capture bar is showing 100% as soon as it starts then goes to normal. Bar should advanced _after_ an image is captured, not before/during since it's confusing to see 100% and still capturing last image.
  2. Capture logs says 2018-08-09T09:43:11 Job requires 5-second Red images, has 5/0 frames captured and will be processed. which probably needs to be reversed 0/5
  3. Capturing 5-second Red image... --> not sure about format here. I think the dash needs to be dropped. Capturing 5 seconds image. Maybe need to use i18np for singular/plural case but it's double value so that might be tricky.


> capture.cpp:2358
> +                    .arg(QString::number(job->getExposure(),'g',3)).arg(job->getFilterName())
> +                    .arg(activeJob->getCount()).arg(activeJob->getCompleted());

Seems like missing parenthesis

  R321 KStars


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