Review Request 127156: Call off EntryFilter::expireEntries has no effect

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Tue Mar 1 20:43:16 UTC 2016

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Review request for KDE Edu.


I agree to that the collectEntries() now does not reflect its complete 
behavior. But from my understanding the expiring should be done before the 
sorting into the filtered sets, because the change of grade and practice date 
in expireEntries() would change the filter results in blockedEntries() and 
So my suggestion is to introduce a new method named setupFilteredEntries() and 
move the filtering part of collect entries into that. The order of method 
calls in EntryFilter::entries() reflects now the logical sequence of operation. 
Get all entries from the document, expire long time not trained vocables and 
sort them into the different filter sets.
The method collectEntries() changed now in that way, that it only collects all 
valid entries drom the document. But thad behavior refelcts now, for my opinion 
its name.
By the way an unused debug function was commented out wich made compiler 

Repository: parley


In EntryFilter::expireEntries() the set 
EntryFilter::m_entries is checked for entries 
which hasn't practiced for a defined amount of 
time and decreases the grad if this was expired.

But at time of calling expireEntries() this could 
not work because m_entries was not intialisised 
and empty. The method call was moved to a place 
where m_entries is filled and cleaned of invalid 

Diffs (updated)

  src/collection/entryfilter.h 8eacf188d0d549c535efc55c22102d8a6aa88c62 
  src/collection/entryfilter.cpp 5264226f9f9cf69d6c77fefd498ffbbc744b56e7 




Hartmut Riesenbeck

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