LabPlot Port

Alexander Semke Alexander.Semke at
Fri Feb 13 07:35:01 UTC 2015

> According to my experience, I worked on the frameworks branch on both the
> apps when I ported them to keep the code in different branches. For the
> kdelib4 support we have a library in kF5 named: kdelibs4support but it is
> better do not to have this support and at the end i removed all
> the kdelibs4support. Kf5 is now by default present on Kubuntu 14.10 version
> and can be built on other systems. And KF5 based apps can be compiled on
> KD4 all we need is to install KF5 on it. When I was working on both the
> apps, not much of development was going there so there was no conflict with
> the code when i was porting them. But if we are going to develop them side
> by side, I think that could be a problem. What is your say about it.
The only solution that I can think of now is to create a dedicated branch for 
kf5-based version of LabPlot, to port the current code to kf5 there, to 
proceed further with the development of kdelibs4-based version in master and 
to cherry-pick every commit from there to the kf5-branch and to adjust the 
code appropriately there.

How Cantor is doing this? There is also still some development there. In which 
branch is the development of new features done?


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