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Filipe Saraiva filipe at
Fri Feb 13 08:17:11 UTC 2015

On 13-02-2015 08:35, Alexander Semke wrote:
> The only solution that I can think of now is to create a dedicated branch for 
> kf5-based version of LabPlot, to port the current code to kf5 there, to 
> proceed further with the development of kdelibs4-based version in master and 
> to cherry-pick every commit from there to the kf5-branch and to adjust the 
> code appropriately there.
> How Cantor is doing this? There is also still some development there. In which 
> branch is the development of new features done?

Hi Alex,

Cantor master is "freeze" since July, only bugfixes were pushed to
master. You can see the KF5 port work in frameworks branch.

Frameworks branch is the place for new features development too, for
example Python 3 backend was developed there.

Filipe Saraiva

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