LabPlot Port

Alexander Semke Alexander.Semke at
Wed Feb 11 22:15:55 UTC 2015


> I would like to ask if someone is working on port or not and can i start my
> work on it
Currently, nobody is working on this port. So, please start with the port.

I didn't manage yet to have a detailed look into KF5-stuff and I'm not 
completely sure how this port should look like. LabPlot is not an application 
that is more or less frozen. We're still developing many new features and want 
to release the next version soon. After that the integration with cantor 
you've mentioned is maybe the next thing that I can take care of.  How should 
the code be organized? Currently we're developing everything in master and 
release from time to time. We'll need another branch for kf5-version. Do we 
still need the "old" kdelibs4 based version? Or is kf5 already available in 
all major distributions and we can use the kf5-based version also for KDE4 
desktops out there? How is this handled in other projects? What's your 


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