Review Request 118068: Parley: Implement early stage training

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Mon May 12 13:09:19 UTC 2014

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(Updated May 12, 2014, 1:09 p.m.)

Review request for KDE Edu, Amarvir Singh and Andreas Cord-Landwehr.


Here is version 2.  All issues pointed out by Andreas are fixed except one that I found out of scope of this patch.

Repository: parley


This patch implements what we discussed on the mailing list, namely the early training stages before waiting 1 day to train a word again makes sense. It works exactly like in the later stages except:
 - The intervals are much shorter (3.5 minutes to 8 hours)
 - The intervals are not configurable
 - There is no nice animation of boxes/diamonds/whatever.

I opted to use the pregrade element in the updated kvtml libraries rather than the interval element, also like discussed on the mailing list.

I have used this myself in my own language training and it works well and with excellent results I may add.

Work that remains to be done is on this feature:
 - Improve statistics. This should be done so that it can also handle double-directed training
 - Possibly improve the visualization
I don't think the lack of any of these two invalidates merging already.

Diffs (updated)

  src/practice/guifrontend.h 2d2a12b 
  src/practice/genderbackendmode.cpp 6f7e99e 
  src/practice/entryfilter.cpp d0d2e41 
  src/practice/conjugationbackendmode.cpp fdc38f4 
  src/practice/conjugationbackendmode.h 243cf98 
  src/practice/comparisonbackendmode.cpp 00488ff 
  src/practice/abstractfrontend.h b41bdae 
  src/practice/abstractbackendmode.cpp 19277e1 
  src/practice/abstractbackendmode.h b804540 
  src/practice/guifrontend.cpp e88ff29 
  src/practice/practice_mainwindow.ui 0a4a9a7 
  src/practice/practicestatemachine.cpp 35e08e8 
  src/practice/sessionmanagerfixed.cpp 0ee0035 
  src/practice/testentry.h 454621b 
  src/practice/testentry.cpp 1aee0ef 



Lots of testing, including my own language training.


Inge Wallin

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