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> Hi Percy,
> >[...]
> thank you for your answer. I'v got a better idea now about analitza.
> I don't agree with you on the definition of CAS, but this is something
> that is
> not worth yet to be discussed here in greater detail :-)
> Concerning implicit functions: that looks like much work, you're right. I'm
> not going to provide this functionality in the next release (couple of
> releases). Let's see later whether we can profit from the work already
> done in
> analitza.
> The connection of analitza to the actual plotting frontend is not clear to
> me
> yet. If I understand the code correctly, the painting is also done in
> analitza. Analitza provides some plot-widget that can be embeded into
> another
> aplication like khipu. Is this correct? So, all the non-trivial stuff is
> implemented in analitza and khipu just provides a frontend for creation of
> plots. Is this how khipu is currently implemented?


> Do you also plan to provide all the funny editing features that you can do
> with plots and curves like already available in veusz, labplot,
> qcustomplot?
> Looks like we do a lot of similar work, but I don't know how to combine the
> man power here...

I'm unsure of what funny features you mean. The idea behind AnalitzaPlot
has been so far to provide a library to easily turn functions into
plottable entities.

> Best regards
> Alexander
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