Future plans for KTouch?

Sebastian Gottfried sebastiangottfried at web.de
Mon Mar 10 10:28:52 UTC 2014

Hi David,

> I used KTouch to practice touch typ
> Now I wonder, what future plans are for KTouch? If I try to port some
> features of Amphetype to KTouch or base my "layout creator" on
> KTouch's editor, is there any chance it will get accepted, or is it
> outside the scope of the project?
I'm the current maintainer of KTouch. My current focus in KTouch development 
focus is the port to Qt5 / Frameworks 5 / Qt Quick 2.0. For this project this 
will be a lot more work than the typical KDE application because of the 
extensive use of Qt Quick. Work hasn't started yet, I devote most of my 
developing time right now on kqtquickgraphs, an offspring project of KTouch 
containing the chart components for the score screen.

I personally don't plan to develop large feature additions for KTouch, next 
thing I will tackle is the support for key sequences (like dead keys) in the 
keyboard visualization. This will allow the application to tell the user how 
to type accented characters in French, for example. 

I would be interested in the the advanced features of Amphetype and would 
mentor such an effort if your interested. To extend the layout editor to export 
XKB layouts would IMO leave the scope of the project, though. 

Best regards,


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