Future plans for KTouch?

David Kolibáč david at kolibac.cz
Sun Mar 9 20:27:51 UTC 2014


I used KTouch to practice touch typing for a while, but eventually
switched to [Amphetype], because it could generate new typing lessons
based on use stats, i.e. the most problematic words and such.

However, Amphetype hasn't been maintained for years and its user
interface has always been awkward at best. I was thinking of trying to
update it, but then I stumbled upon KTouch once again and was
seriously impressed by its new user interface. Moreover, I really
liked the layout editor as well. Because I had begun working on a
similar application, that would export layouts for XKB[^1], I
immediately started thinking, whether I could avoid NIH, or not.

Now I wonder, what future plans are for KTouch? If I try to port some
features of Amphetype to KTouch or base my "layout creator" on
KTouch's editor, is there any chance it will get accepted, or is it
outside the scope of the project?

[^1]: pretty much something like MS Keyboard Layout Creator for MS Windows

[Amphetype]: https://code.google.com/p/amphetype/


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