Educational Game Application Idea for learning new languages.

Andreas Cord-Landwehr cordlandwehr at
Tue Mar 4 18:55:43 UTC 2014

Hi Avanish,

nice that you are interested in educational software in KDE! I agree that games are a nice way to teach 
topics in particular to small kids.
Yet, I am not convinced that this approach is a good idea for GSoC.
My main reasons are:

* For a child, using such a game, language learning is a mere byproduct. Compared to different games (like 
e.g. using Pairs or KHangman) I expect the learning gain to be quite low.

* The combination of a racing app and language learning seems to me (this can be quite subjective) very 
artificial and hence hard to advertise its use in classes/for parents.

* The scope of this project seems too big (coding wise) IMO.

* We (KDE Edu) are usually quite reluctant about creating new applications in GSoC. The reason is that 
often students work at their three months quite nicely at their project. But after that time, we often end 
with an unfinished application that bitrots in our archives and that nobody maintains. It would be much 
better if you could find existing (KDE Edu) applications that you would like to extend, develop in a direction 
where they are more useful for language learning.

If you maybe look at Pairs (or other existing Edu applications), I see much better opportunities to integrate 
language learning approaches. (And that would be applications that are and will be actively maintained.)

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